Our Previous Events

2013 - Save Water

"There is enough water for human need but not for human greed" said Mahatma Gandhi. True to these words, we continue to live with the greed and keep our eyes and ears closed when it comes to do something good. While we boast a lot about the Water conservation & harvesting techniques used by Indians during the Indus valley civilization, when it comes to implementing the same today we show a very slow response.

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2012 - Power to powerup

Save Energy - The Power to Power-up A Music & Dance oriented Awareness program to Increase Individual contribution to save energy resources… to Support United Nation 2012 International Year of Cooperatives The idea behind the event is to inform the younger generation about the understand and respect the responsibility of every individual towards nation building and as John Kennedy said “ask not what the country will do for you, but what together we can do our country.

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2011 - Plant a Tree & Plan the future

Awareness program on Creating Greens through Dances of India Festival. Commemorating the UN Declared International Year of Forest 2011, Avvai Tamil Sangam have decided to use this opportunity of dances of India festival to create the awareness on CREATING MORE GREENS.

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2010 - Donate & Extend your Life

Dedicated to the Social Awareness on "Organ Donation", The various programs performed by the participating artists also included one item on the importance of human body parts and indirectly projected the need to donate.

"Extend your Life" themes was well supported and more than 2000 people pledged to donate their organs. Shri. Anil Shastri, Ex-Minister Govt of India & Speicial Invitee CWC was the Chief Guest during the opening of the event.

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2009 - Taminadu Cultural Day

Taminadu Cultural Day cum Republic Day Festival” celebrated from 24th Jan 2009 to 26th Jan 2009. The typical Tamil Village festivals were depicted and folk art forms played during the festival period which normally happens in the rural part of Tamilnadu.

The objective of the event is to introduce the people of Northern India to the folk forms of Tamilnadu and the way in which the festivals are celebrated in Rural Part of Tamilnadu and about its rich culture which will help Tamilnadu to get more tourism opportunities.

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