2013 - Social theme: Water Conservation & Rainwater Harvesting

        "There is enough water for human need but not for human greed" said Mahatma Gandhi. True to these words, we continue to live with the greed and keep our eyes and ears closed when it comes to do something good. While we boast a lot about the Water conservation & harvesting techniques used by Indians during the Indus valley civilization, when it comes to implementing the same today we show a very slow response.

The article in the month of December in Times of India on Water level of Noida Ground water, made us to take this issue as the social theme of the year. 2013 also being the UN declared International Year of Water Cooperation added a flavor to this. Water table going down. When we, the common public are the reason for this, then why we should we look at Government to correct the problems, As a creator of the problem solution lies with us is the message the festival is giving back.

Sh.Jawhar Sircar, CEO Prasar Bharati, Dr MKS Sundaram,IAS District Magistrate Gautham Budh Nagar & Brig(Retd) VAM Hussain, Member Prasar Bharati will be inaugurating the event on 26th January 2013. To Celebrate the Republic day, the event will begin with National Integration songs.

  • Promotion of Folk Dances of U.P
  • Signature Campaign on Water Conservation & Rainwater Harvesting