2012 - Social theme: Power to powerup

        Save Energy - The Power to Power-up A Music & Dance oriented Awareness program to Increase Individual contribution to save energy resources to Support United Nation 2012 International Year of Cooperatives. The idea behind the event is to inform the younger generation about the understand and respect the responsibility of every individual towards nation building and as John Kennedy said "Ask not what the country will do for you, but what together we can do our country".

While everyone generally associate energy saving to Electricity & Petrol which is a direct benefit, We talk about the saving in all respects of life which includes saving energy in form of electricity, Oil& gas and indirect benefits like individual Health, society living, keeping environment clean, recycling etc.,. The idea is tell people in every aspect of life a proper care can help save energy in some or other forms.

In these two days we organized theme oriented dance events for the public to see and enjoy and at the same time understand their responsibility and planning to take Oath from General public on Save Energy.

  • Promotion of Folk Dances of Orissa
  • Signature Campaign on Save Energy